Habib’s Class of 2025 Awarded Most Number of Scholarships

A year that saw schools and universities shut down to tackle growing coronavirus cases, was the year Habib University bolstered triumphant efforts in providing students ease of access to its world-class quality education in the form of Habib’s generous scholarships. The year marked phenomenal recruitment for the Class of 2025 among which 60 students were awarded scholarships under the Habib University Talent Outreach Promotion and Support program (HU TOPS) while 22 students were awarded the Yohsin scholarship – making it the highest number of scholarships awarded to a batch in the history of Habib, as reported by Senior Director Student Success at Habib University, Ms. Yasmeen Bano.

With the COVID-19 surge and the education system massively affected, it was a chance for higher education institutions to step up their efforts in providing relentless support for students to continue their studies despite perils. The gratitude goes to our respected Mohsineen who sustain Habib University’s commitment to generosity in education and make it the most generous university in the world.

Muhammad Youshay, a BS Computer Science major from the Class of 2025, was one of the recipients of the prestigious Yohsin scholarship that is awarded to exceptionally well-rounded and high merit students. He credited Habib’s financial support to his choosing Habib University for his undergraduate studies.

“I first visited HU two years ago; its campus and dynamic student life impressed me. Since then, I have always considered HU as the top choice for my undergraduate education. Today, I feel incredibly proud of being a part of this diverse community and being admitted as a Yohsin Scholar with a 100% scholarship. Habib’s interdisciplinary approach, progressive learning community, and financial generosity highly influenced my choice of Habib as my undergraduate destination,” he said.

Sidra Aamir, a student of the Class of 2025 was grateful for receiving the Yohsin scholarship to pursue her Bachelors in Computer Science, claiming that she could only pursue her dream of attending Habib because of the generous scholarship it offered her. She is excited as she begins her time here and explores Habib’s interdisciplinary curriculum, believing it will help nurture her self-growth.

Another testimony to Habib University’s generosity came from Asad Ali, a Social Development and Policy major from the Class of 2025 who was awarded a scholarship through the HUTOPS program that provides an opportunity to talented students of Board of Intermediate Education (BIE), Federal Board (FB) and the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) to apply for admission to Habib University and get admitted with full tuition and laboratory fee waiver for their degree based on their academic talent and passion.

He said, “For me, acquiring the exceptional HU TOPS 100% scholarship and through it, a quality, interdisciplinary education is a privilege. Habib University is very generous towards those who cannot afford quality education and it offers multifarious opportunities for all talented students. I am grateful for Habib’s unparalleled generosity.”

Gaining a full scholarship through the competitive HUTOPS program is a challenging endeavor and recipients of the scholarship proved their merit and talent to Habib by believing in the institution’s goals. Mahnoor Usmani, a HUTOPS scholar and a Communication and Design major from the Class of 2025, acknowledged Habib’s philanthropic approach to education and the unique environment it cultivates to ensure the student body gets the best out of it.

“Habib University’s generosity and philanthropy are truly exceptional. Habib University’s interdisciplinary curriculum and liberal core pave the way for their students, which not only prepares them in all aspects for their future endeavors but also aids in their individual growth throughout the course of four years. The sense of belonging where people with distinct views and backgrounds are equally welcomed without any sort of discrimination is praiseworthy and something I am grateful to be a part of,” she said.

Habib University in Karachi continues to provide quality and world-class education to students from all socio-economic backgrounds and leads in paving the way for uninterrupted learning. The year 2021 was another testament to the institution’s commitment to its bigger goals of achieving student success, sustaining financial support through its generous scholarships to intermediate students and other boards students too, and maintaining this sustainability even in the face of crises.


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