What to Expect from Orientation Week 2016

Orientation Week at Habib University is an event which is remembered by students, staff, faculty and Orientation Leaders (OL) alike. Staff and OLs spend a full week in training, coming up with exciting activities, energizers, and ice breaking sessions where the incoming students will get to know each other, their seniors, their campus spaces as well as faculty and members of staff who will assist them in settling into university life.

OLs are HU Lions who volunteer to lead the Orientation Sessions, and this year the OLs consist of both Sophomores and Juniors. Over the past week, these OLs have been putting their heads together to create the kind of Orientation Week that the Trailblazers will remember for years to come. Here is a list of things you can expect coming in as a Trailblazer:

• Unending excitement: You cannot comprehend how much fun you are going to have during this week because your OLs have made sure the week is jam packed with activities that will have you doubled over with laughter.
• Getting to know and becoming close to your batch mates.
• Learning all about campus spaces and understanding the purpose of each space.
• Interacting with your Seniors.
• Performing service activities in your university.
• Accepting and celebrating diversity.
• Entertaining challenges within and outside of your teams.
• Coming up with a group name and cheer.
• Informal interactions with faculty.
• The ‘ChaCha Slide’.
• Team work which will help you immensely in group projects throughout university life.
• Becoming comfortable with your campus, batch mates, seniors, faculty and staff.
• Attending sessions which will give you a thorough walk-through about your courses, so that the first week of classes will not leave you perplexed.

Towards the end of the Orientation Week, the Trailblazers will have no reservations towards each other, batch mates and seniors, and will integrate effortlessly into their life at Habib University.

This blog was written by Shayaan Malik, Communication Studies & Design (CSD), Class of 2019.

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