The Dilemma of Climatic Change: The Sheer Reality

Habib University, the premier liberal arts university in Pakistan is initiating a public discourse on The Dilemma of Climatic Change in Pakistan. The first episode of the series will air on Habib University’s Twitter Space.

In a 5-episodic series using the Twitter platform via the Digital space, a host of intellectual panelists will debate on it beginning from the evening of 20th September 2022, when the first episode will take place online. The panelists include environmentalists, members from the academia, journalists, social thinkers and writers, amidst many, many others.

Generally speaking, on the reporting front, the flooding across Pakistan in recent time has been a severe catastrophe. It has been reported that from the materialistic point of view property, herds of cattle numbering in thousands and most important 1,191 human lives have been lost. Leading to the intellectual call that requires the dire need for a platform to explore, “The dilemma of Climatic Change.”

The initiative undertaken by Habib University, throws light on the fact that such debatable topics need to motion ahead, in the eyes of a glaring storm. But much, much more than that, to ascertain not only that the talk generates debate and it certainly is required to find a solution to this major problem, reportedly engulfing about one-third of Pakistan, presently.


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