Learn and Earn with Habib University’s Computer Science Alumnus, Furqan Karim

On November 10, 2022, Habib University’s Entrepreneurship Society and Young Leaders Club invited Muhammad Furqan Karim, Co-Founder & COO of YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.) and Habib University’s BS Computer Science Alumnus from the Class of 2020, for an event titled, Learn and Earn with YPAY. Habib University’s community got some very comprehensive insights into Pakistan’s investment landscape, the scope and consequences of digitization and the way forward to such adaptability.

In his opening remarks, Muhammad Furqan talked about his journey from majoring into Computer Science program at Habib University to entering the market of finance and starting his own firm called YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.), a fin-tech startup. Y Pay provides asset management services, especially to the young students, through a simplified investment and savings platform. The main aim of YPay is to achieve a financially stable Pakistan by creating easy investment opportunities for everyone.

Co-Founder & COO of YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.) and Habib University’s Computer Science Alumnus ’20, Muhammad Furqan, while addressing the audience during the session.

While talking about the trends of digitization in Pakistan, Muhammad Furqan said, “The lack of knowledge about entrepreneurship and investments can be seen rampant in Pakistan, and even if there’s any, little implementation is seen.” He added: “Pakistan’s (economic) market was not ready to adapt digitization during the Covid-19 times. Purchasing power is lost due to the inflation in the country.”

Muhammad Furqan also reiterated the importance of capital saving for the country’s economy, and argued: “Globally, countries’ macroeconomic conditions can be measured through GDP and employment rate, and the saving ratio which determines how people are contributing to the country’s economy by saving capital. But unfortunately, Pakistan stands lowest when it comes to saving ratio from its citizens.”

During the Q/A session, Muhammad Furqan highlighted one aspect of investment security and argued, Pakistan Stock Exchange has always been a volatile instrument. There are major chances that the first-time investors can lose their money.” He encouraged young entrepreneurs, investors and savers at Habib University to invest in mutual funds because it offers instant diversification due to investment in a collection of companies and has a lower risk for first-time investors. He added, Mutual funds are run by fund managers who choose your investments and buy or sell securities based on the fund’s goals. Thus, Mutual fund investors share in the fund’s profits and losses.”

Team YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.) while receiving the token of appreciation from Mr. Shamez Mukhi, Director of Student Life at Habib University.

At the end of the session, Rihha Rehmatullah, a Social Development and Policy student from the Class of 2024, invited Mr. Shamez Mukhi, Director of Student Life, to present the token of appreciation to Team YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.).


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