HU Spotlight: Discussing Nanotechnology with Dr. Anzar Khaliq

“Be very curious. Curiosity gives birth to amazing questions and then those questions lead you to phenomenal answers and to further questions. Hence, keep seeking and continue to be curious in life,” opines Dr. Anzar Khaliq, during a live interview telecasted on Subh-e-Nau, PTV News on January 10, 2017.

Enthusiastically following what he says, Dr. Anzar Khaliq, Program Director of Integrated Sciences & Mathematics (iSciM), and Assistant Professor at Habib University, introduced the audience to the wondrous world of nanotechnology and various areas where nanotechnology or nanotechniques find their implementation.

Currently teaching a variety of courses at Habib University’s School of Science & Engineering (SSE), such as Renewable Energy, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Advanced Physics Labs, Spectroscopic Techniques, Surface Sciences, Functional Surfaces and Solid State Physics, Dr. Khaliq comes with an extensive experience of working on the growth of nano-wires via Vapor Liquid Solid Technique, using a Molecular Beam Epitaxy setup.

During the live television show appearance on PTV News, Dr. Khaliq explained about the diverse applications of nanotechnology that are capable of revolutionizing the fields of medicine, computing, construction and communications in today’s world. He also described how nanoparticles facilitate targeted drug delivery process, how it helps in treating diseases such as cancer and how it contributes towards energy efficiency and safety of buildings in the construction industry.

Speaking about the scope of nanotechnology in Pakistan, he stated that there is still a growing need for awareness and understanding of innovation-based practices, which considerably lack in the academic system. According to his opinion, academic courses and curriculum need to be designed while keeping regional needs and requirements in mind.

The telecast concluded on a question related to the impact of technology on environment where Dr. Khaliq termed nanotechnology as a field capable of providing solutions to various key issues including global warming, energy, and environmental issues, thus making it a discipline that holds out promise for our future well-being.

Watch the complete interview here, in case you are new to the world of nanotechnology!


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