Haris Gazdar commences YCSD lecture series at Habib University

‘Education and the gender gap: Female literacy rate in villages is near zero, says Gazdar’

The Express Tribune, 20th September, 2014

KARACHI: The literacy rate for women is zero in a number of villages across Sindh, claimed social scientist Haris Gazdar at a public lecture organised by the Yohsin Centre for Social Development at Habib University on Thursday.

Gazdar, who works on political economy and development policy issues, was addressing more than 100 students, academics, researchers and intellectuals regarding women’s education and the gender gap in literacy at the Tariq Rafi lecture theatre.

“The global literacy gap for women is said to be 45 per cent but for Muslim women, the number almost doubles, standing at 86 per cent,” said Gazdar. Talking about the prevailing educational crisis in the country, he also highlighted the differences between the individual and the society.

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