Habib University Appoints New Academic Leaders

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to scholarly activities, teaching, and commitment to the strategic mission and vision of Habib University, following faculty members have been appointed as new academic leaders.

Dr. Humaira Qureshi, Program Director Integrated Sciences & Mathematics (iSciM), will now have the additional responsibilities as the Assistant Dean of Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE).

She will be the first female Assistant Dean of DSSE. Dr. Qureshi talks about her vision for this new role, “I hope to enhance access to more women to take up science and engineering. I find myself very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing coworkers who encourage each other to perform better and I hope to strengthen this culture so we can ensure that our students turn out to be sincere, competent, and socially responsible individuals.”

Having a key academic leadership role, she is keen to ensure excellent learning outcomes for the students through robust academic planning and innovation.

Dr. Ahmad Usman appointed as Program Director for the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program. He will play a critical role for the innovation in engineering and science education programs and ensure that the Habib University continues to contribute towards having a profound impact on society. Dr. Usman says, “My vision is to establish Habib University’s undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering program as a national asset, which immerses top talent in a contextual liberal arts learning environment, allows them to explore their passion for engineering, and develop them into socially and globally responsible leaders.”

Mr. Mohammad Moeini-Feizabadi has been appointed as Director Academics for the Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP). Mr. Moeini-Feizabadi is determined to promote the culture of inquiry on campus and among students, in close collaboration with our very competent and committed faculty body. He further says, “As an academic, who has taught and researched in three different countries; I deeply value teamwork, diversity and endless conversation in search of truth. My quest will continue for deep philosophical foundations and commitment to solid scientific methodology. I look forward to making difference through this leadership position.”

Dr. Aamir Hasan, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty, while announcing these new appointments, thanked Dr. Basit Memon for his contributions as the Assistant Dean of Dhanani School of Science and Engineering as well as for leading the ECE program.  He went on to congratulate the new leaders, “I have worked with these wonderful colleagues and they have all my respect and admiration and I urge all offices at Habib to extend their support and well wishes to these leaders.”


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