Getting to know you: HU Tops students attend Ice-cream Social

The Office of Student Life held an introductory session for the students being inducted into the HU Tops program in Spring 2016. The HU Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program (TOPS) has been designed for students currently enrolled in Pakistan’s Board of Intermediate Education or Federal Board, and is an opportunity for them to apply for admission at HU’s undergraduate program purely based in their academic talent and passion to learn. The program is fully funded, and is an excellent opportunity for HU to reach out and engage with talented students studying at local government Examination Boards.

The program was developed to ensure Habib University applies its belief in providing equal opportunities and nurturing the talents and potential of young people irrespective of their educational, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, and has so far, been successful in engaging with the right crowds.

The event happened on 6th June 2016, and was called the “HU Tops Ice-cream Social”. Students invited to the university were introduced to the Office of Student Life and the facilities it provides. They were also presented with information about the different spaces around campus and the facilities provided at Habib University, and how they can be utilized. The Ice-Cream Social was held in the Student Lounge, an informal space where HU students go to unwind, play games, or just do their homework. This spot was chosen specifically to put the HU Tops invitees to ease, with an Ice-breaker activity held so the invitees could familiarize with each other.

A small, interactive game was included in this activity, wherein the students would write their names and one of their qualities on a piece of paper, and place it in a balloon. Students were then invited to pick up a balloon at random and pop them, reading out the name and quality written on the piece of paper inside. They were then invited to discuss this with the respective individual, thus helping break the ice with one another. The Ice-cream Social concluded with a serving of ice-cream for the attendees, thereby helping the students interact and mesh well with each other.


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