Habib University holds its 8th Annual Meritorious Awards

School students from across Karachi recognized for their high-merit achievements

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has been a difficult time, especially for school students who have not been able to continue their studies as they have in years past. However, it has not stopped hard-working and studious students from striving for excellence in education.

Their efforts were recognized by the Habib University recently through its eighth Annual Meritorious Awards, which honors the academic excellence of students at the high school stage from various educational institutions in Karachi such as the Karachi Grammar School, Nixor College, The City School, the Beaconhouse School System, and Cedar College, and many other reputable schools.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols, this year, the awards ceremony was conducted digitally.

Dr. Christopher Taylor, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Habib University, acknowledged the meritorious students and congratulated them on their academic achievements.

He reminded students that even though the pandemic has disrupted the normal school procedures, they had still earned these awards through their hard work and their academic excellence. He urged them to remain optimistic despite the pandemic, and always believe in themselves and their abilities.

“Remain optimistic, even in the midst of this global pandemic and continue to strive for progress in the future. The future needs your talent, your energy, and your commitment,” Dr. Taylor said while encouraging students to look forward to their bright future with high spirits.

He added that Habib University, the premier liberal arts university of Pakistan, stands for merit and excellence in academic accomplishments, especially by local students. In this regard, Dr. Taylor added that Habib University has for the better part of the past decade recognized, promoted and awarded talented and high merit students of the city.

Mohsin Rizvi, Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment at Habib University, said present-day exceptional students are poised to be the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. Acknowledging the success of such students serves as an encouragement and motivates them to continue pursuing excellence in their future academic and professional endeavors.

As one of Pakistan’s premier institutions of higher learning, Habib University (HU) is committed to its mission of providing a transformative educational experience to students. This prestigious event is an integral feature of the university’s annual calendar because it materializes HU’s Yohsin philosophy which revolves around encouraging students to excel in all aspects of their lives.


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