Welcoming the Class of 2026

On August 19, 2022, Habib University welcomed the Class of 2026 and their proud parents into our growing community. The Welcome Evening Ceremony, held in the H.M. Habib Auditorium after a break of two years, marked the culmination of the New Student Orientation (NSO) that acclimatized incoming students to Habib and its ethos, preparing them to embrace challenges and have a meaningful journey ahead.

In his inspirational speech, titled, ‘Reorientation to Reality’, President Wasif A. Rizvi pointed out that the world was at the edge of a precipice and required conscious and conscientious leaders who could prevent or delay the global meltdown. He went on to say that by joining Habib University, the Class of 2026, had outperformed 97% of the people across the world. A university education, the President said, was no longer limited to professional pursuits, but had acquired a more profound and deeper meaning. In this scenario, the aim of Habib was to enable students to navigate through difficult times and prepare them for the complex challenges of this world.

President Wasif A. Rizvi addressing the Class of 2026 and their parents

Elaborating on the mission of the University, derived from a saying of Imam Ali (A.S.), he explained that the value of an individual was in their ‘Yohsin’; what they did beautifully and well, with their heart and respect for others and an intention to serve. He pointed out that these principles will guide the students’ four-year journey as, “You will build skills to solve really difficult problems, that my generation and some generations before me have created. So, our expectation is that you will have the creativity, inspiration, and competence to solve these enormous challenges … and crucially you will be the citizens of this reality.”

As per tradition, two separate yet equally important sessions followed the President’s speech. The first titled, ‘Parents as Partners’, held in the H.M. Habib Auditorium, involved parents and a panel comprising faculty. During the session, the faculty explained that the transition from high school to university would be difficult, and advised parents to be supportive and allow the students to diversify their learning.

Habib University faculty engaged in a panel discussion titled ‘Parents as Partners’

At the same time, a very different sort of session was taking place in Tariq Rafi Hall, as President Rizvi engaged with the Class of 2026 in an intriguing Q&A session. He advised students to pursue that which makes them reflect on themselves and shared the importance of a Liberal Arts & Sciences University in Pakistan as one which “gives a person greater meaning of reality.  Responding to a question, the President said that given the opportunity he would join Habib University, “in a heartbeat”, adding that he had visited over 150 universities around the world but had, “… not seen anything similar to Habib University.”

Class of 2026 in an intriguing Q&A session with President Wasif A. Rizvi

At the conclusion of the Welcome Evening, one of the parents appreciated the tradition saying, “… I have never seen such a welcoming tradition where we are enlightened to the extent that every one of us will take home a piece of knowledge to contemplate. We are sure that our kids are in good hands!”


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