Welcoming Steps: Introducing WWF-Chapter at Habib University

Making an effort to increase sustainable environmental solutions in the form of enhancing intellectual responsibility, Habib University has joined hands with World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan). Shamez Mukhi (Director, Student Life, Habib University) and Hammad Naqi Khan (Director General / CEO, WWF-Pakistan) have signed an MoU to initiate a student-led WWF-Chapter at Habib University to raise sustainability awareness, promote research and save nature.

Young students, from Habib University namely Ushna Batool, Hana Mapara and Maayam, are seen planting a small tree at Zen Garden, at Habib University.

A symbolic tree-plantation activity was held at the Habib University – Urban Forest on campus on Friday, September 9, 2022, where student leaders of the Sustainability Club and WWF Chapter joined the Student Life team, Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director Wildlife, Regional Head, Sindh and Baluchistan and Taimoor Ahmed, Conservation Officer from WWF Pakistan.

Mr. Shamez Mukhi, Director, Student Life, Habib University, is seen watering the plant, with the on-lookers being Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director-Wildlife, WWF Pakistan, and Taimoor Ahmed, Conservation Officer, WWF Pakistan along with young students and other team members from Habib University.

At this occasion, Shamez Mukhi said, “This partnership will allow the students to engage in academic research, conferences, field visits and other learning opportunities, which will complement their efforts in achieving academic success and build 21st century skillset”.

At Student Life Room, at Habib University, Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director-Wildlife, WWF-Pakistan, sharing his thoughts while talking to stakeholders on what WWF-Pakistan is doing within his out-reach program to make nature conservation possible.

Dr. Tahir Rasheed, claimed that there was a dire need to “create linkages between Scientific work to be translated into Policy”. Students will use the WWF platform to learn, debate, compete and participate in activities related to climate, food, water, wildlife and forest, he added.

Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director Wildlife, WWF-Pakistan, throwing some solid mud on the small plant, while the other people in-attendance, look-on.

While responding to the student-leaders, Dr. Rasheed offered WWF as a platform to support students for internships and also their research projects on SDG or any environmental related topics in terms of usage of their intellectual property, facilities across the country, international researchers and human capital.


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