Town Hall Celebrates Loyalty and Dedication of HU Staff

After the successful conclusion of its second convocation, the Habib University staff on June 28, 2019, came together for a town hall gathering. Arranged by the Office of Human Resources, the Staff Service Awards was in recognition of the loyalty and commitment shown by the HU Staff during convocation week and over the previous four years.

In his opening remarks, HR Director, Ali Khurram Pasha paid warm tribute to the HU Staff and their dedication to the University and its vision. He said that the awards distributed at the ceremony was a gesture of appreciation and gratitude to all those involved in making the University a vibrant institute.

“You all have done a great job. We all must continue to work together to strengthen this organization, because you all are the soldiers that keep things going,” Mr. Pasha said.

HU President Wasif Rizvi, emphasized this very important fact during his speech. He said that to build a Higher Education institute in the East is not an easy task, which is why most people are apprehensive about undertaking such an endeavor.

“There is a lack of self-worth amongst some people in the East about building a university. However, you all have overcome that barrier and shown to everyone that a university of this scale can be built in Pakistan,” Mr. Wasif Rizvi said.

He also highlighted that the HU staff, like the Faculty, have an important role to play in an institute of higher learning and that everyone was “honored and inspired by your long-term commitment to the University.”

Following this, the CEO of HU Foundation, Mr. Parvez Ghias, made a few remarks in which he said that the HU staff understood the importance of leadership in a society and how essential it was for people to work together as a team. Mr. Ghias also said that the work put in by the HU staff was greatly appreciated and that the awards being handed out at the town hall was in recognition of that fact.

Mr. Shahnoor Sultan, the CFO & Director Operations, then spoke a few words of appreciation before announcing the awards that were to be given to staff members. Mr. Wasif Rizvi and Mr. Pervez Ghias were invited on stage to hand out shields to a number of individuals from different departments of the University.

Following this, letters of appreciation were given to representatives from different departments of the HU staff, in recognition for their voluntary efforts during Convocation 2019. This included the Office of Academic Performance, Career Services, Marketing and Communications, Resource Development, Student Marketing, Student Life, Office of the President, and the Office of Human Resources.

The event concluded with staff members speaking on a microphone through which they paid tribute to their colleagues from different departments, and valued their help in facilitating important events at the University. Towards the end, a group photo was taken of all those in attendance at the event.


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