SSE Rendezvous with M. Nabeel

Habib University: A new series of events initiated by the School of Science & Engineering for Habib students kicked off Tuesday, October 21, 2015 at the Raza Hussain S. Agha Hall. The series, titled ‘SSE Rendezvous’, will invite guest speakers from industry and academia to counsel Habib students on their academic and career prospects after graduation.

The first event featured Mr. Muhammad Nabeel, who will be studying haptics and telerobotics as a Ph.D. scholar at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Pierre and Marie Curie University) in France. Mr. Nabeel, who pursued an M.S. in Robotics from the Korea University of Technology & Education, discussed the various fields in modern robotics and ways in which Habib students could contribute to them. His presentation – a fascinating, whirlwind tour of the fields of haptics, teleoperation, exoskeletons, drones, soft robotics and humanoid robots – drew from pop culture and modern science to highlight the advances made in these fields. Mr. Nabeel explained how these technologies had applications from military hardware (fighting machines a la Edge of Tomorrow) to healthcare (bionic limbs and robotic surgery) and even gaming (the Oculus Rift), among many other things. He urged Habib students and faculty interested in these fields to focus their energies on areas which have a higher chance of advancement in robotic technology, such as robotics software.

Towards the end of his gripping presentation, Mr. Nabeel was invited to speak on his other strength – counselling students on securing scholarships abroad. Mr. Nabeel operates the Scholarship Network, a Facebook community that keeps subscribers informed of the latest scholarship and funding announcements for scholars. He briefly spoke on the current scholarship opportunities for scholars, and shared extremely helpful tips and tricks for those looking to fund their studies abroad. He also extended an invitation to those seeking detailed information to approach him once the session was over.

The event was well-attended by Habib students and faculty. The organizers hope that subsequent events in this series will help students build connections with professionals who are working at the cutting-edge of scientific research and innovation.


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