When there is a Problem, we rise to the Challenge

Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor State Bank of Pakistan addresses students during visit to Habib University

Habib University welcomed Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor State Bank of Pakistan to the campus on September 28, 2020, the first such visit by a State Bank Governor. Dr. Baqir termed it his “privilege and great honor” to being invited to Habib University and that it was an “inspirational moment.”

President Habib University, Wasif Rizvi and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd., Mr. Mohamedali Rafiq Habib welcoming Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Dr. Reza Baqir

Upon his arrival for the visit, Wasif Rizvi, President, Habib University, Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Muneer Kamal, CEO, Karachi Education Initiative and Mohsin Nathani, President and CEO, Habib Metropolitan Bank and members of the Board of Directors, Habib University Foundation warmly welcomed Dr. Baqir.

Wasif Rizvi, President Habib University gave Governor State Bank, Dr. Reza Baqir a tour of the campus and its state-of-the-art spaces such as the Library Information Commons. Students use this as a space to engage with their peers.

During the campus tour, Dr. Baqir was shown the University’s cutting-edge facilities, including the faculty pods, library, auditorium, amphitheater, spacious courtyards, the Zen Garden and the sports facilities all of which come together to create an inclusive sense of community, also featured during the tour.

Dr. Baqir was told about how the University came about after the generous endowment – the largest in Pakistan’s history – made by the Habib family to establish an institution, which would have a positive impact on higher education in Pakistan.

President Wasif Rizvi gave a presentation about how Habib University is pioneering in “recrafting undergraduate experience.” 

In his presentation following the campus tour, President Rizvi highlighted the challenges facing higher education in Pakistan – the intellectual experience, access challenge for students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and reshaping philanthropy towards building institutions. Dr. Baqir was informed on how Habib University, as Pakistan’s premier Liberal Arts and Sciences institution of higher learning, focusses on providing students requisite skills such critical thinking and analytical skills required to become engaged citizens with the ability to contribute not only to their communities but also globally.

Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor of State Bank of Pakistan engaged with members of Habib University community.

Dr. Baqir while addressing the audience spoke about his path to becoming the State Bank Governor and advised students to, “Try to discover what is it that makes you tick, what is it that you, at the end of the day, you wanted to be associate yourself with 30 years later and what you want to represent.” He also expressed his desire for the State Bank to be able to attend future recruiting events at Habib University and actively seek graduates to join the central bank.

The post-session Q&A was moderated by Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President Academic Affairs. Dr. Taylor entertained questions by the students which included pertinent topics such as women-inclusive financial products and challenges faced by Dr. Reza Baqir’s office.

Speaking about Pakistan’s successful Covid response, Dr. Baqir pointed out that currently, the country’s rate of infection was less than 2 for every one million people, far lower than the world average of 30 per million. He pointed that from the public health workers, to policy makers and common Pakistanis had much to be proud about for achieving such a success. He went on to mention, that though there might be a second wave, it was a much better position to have successfully countered the first wave.

Mr. Mohamedali Rafiq Habib thanked Dr. Reza Baqir on behalf of Habib University Community

In his vote of thanks, Mohamedali Rafiq Habib, Member Board of Governors, Habib University, thanked Dr. Baqir for his visit and said that there was this visit had left everyone with a sense of enthusiasm about days to come.


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