Reto Francioni’s visit to Habib University

KARACHI, November 24, 2015: Mr. Reto Francioni, a new member on the Habib Business Board (HBB), visited Karachi on 24th & 25th November, 2015 to get a better understanding of the various House of Habib (HoH) businesses.

For this purpose, one of the main stops on the 25th of November was at Habib University, the latest and largest of philanthropic projects of the HoH. He was accompanied by Mr. S. Muzaffar Ali on his visit to the HOH Business Units.

The morning visit started with a welcome by several senior staff of Habib University who took the guest through various spaces of the brand new campus. Mr. Francioni was particularly taken by the quality of the labs and a setup that maximizes teacher-student interaction. As Mr. Francioni has been teaching as a professor at reputable universities in Switzerland and the US, he showed his passionate interest in higher education by asking many questions.

Relating to the academic scope and depth versus breadth, he recommended to also look at the European model of higher education in which students specialize quite late in their course of study.

He lauded Habib University’s seven forms of thought, inquired about their focus, and was fascinated by the inclusion of courses such as Hikma or Energy for their important value in educating leaders for Pakistan. He greatly appreciated the Habib University project and the efforts already made for recruiting talent from diverse backgrounds, across Pakistan and eventually even international students.

This visit will strengthen our ties with the Habib Business Board and has again pointed out the relevance of this project for Pakistan and the international community as well.


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