Reflections on human nature through Film Production

Umer Khan, SDP, Class of 2019, shares his vision behind his Film Production project “Do Khokha”

This semester at Habib University saw some of the most innovative, creative and thoughtful projects developed by students, from both the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and School of Science and Engineering. One of the courses taught in the Spring 2016 semester was Film Production, conducted by Professor Jamil Dehlavi. Students were expected to come up with individual film projects, with support from Habib University itself and the full use of its state-of-the-art Film Studio facilities.

One of the students to receive top grades in his Film Production this semester was Umer Khan, Class of 2018, whose final project was called “Do Khokha”, and was developed within the Habib University campus, utilizing the equipment from the Film Studio itself. Hailing from the Social Development and Policy program, Umer Khan’s skills in film production are truly an example of the interdisciplinary nature of the Liberal Arts education at Habib University.

His project, lasting 2 minutes and 10 seconds, took inspiration from the works of Professor Jamil Dehlavi himself. “My objective was to design my film with the same precision and depth that I saw in Professor Dehlavi’s short film, “Blood Money”. I tried to keep it fast-paced, and to never let the audience take their eyes off the screen”, said Umer of his work.

The film is also heavily inspired by movies such as “The Godfather”, easily recognizable in the script as well as the style of film direction. “I decided to go all-out on the development of this film, from sound mixing, to color correction, and dialogue, and made sure time management was given a lot of thought, which is why I finished with my project before my peers.”

Because there are such differing views in Social Development and Policy education, I was determined to use the insights into humanity that I learnt of, into my work in film. The choice of my program gives me perspective into the state of human life, and I like to reflect on that in the work that I do. For the future, I want to focus on documentary films, that may focus on the society we inhabit.

We wish Umer all the luck for the future!


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