Prof. Jamil Dehlavi’s Film Wins Global Recognition

Renowned filmmaker Jamil Dehlavi’s film ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ has recent been recognized globally and has received critical acclaim. It has won the Grand Prize at the Tirana International Film Festival, was named as Best Feature Film at the Canada International Film Festival, and won the Special Jury Prize at Worldfest Houston where the lead actor Nik Xhelilaj also won Best Actor and the actress Alison Peebles was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ has also been nominated for Best Production Design at the Milan International Film Festival and actress Kate Maravan is in the running for Best Supporting Actress. It’s also in competition at the London Independent Film Festival and the Salerno International Film Festival in Italy where it is expected to do equally well. Jamil Dehlavi’s award winning productions include ‘Towers of Silence’, ‘The Blood of Hussain’ and ‘Jinnah’ which narrates the life story of Pakistan’s founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam. Jamil Dehlavi has worked on various projects for the BBC, Channel Four, French Television and the Radio & Visual Services Division at the United Nations. Currently he is an Associate Professor at the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Habib University where he will be teaching filmmaking.


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