On Karachi, for Karachi, by Karachi: A story teller’s guide to the city of lights

KARACHI: For the hard-working and street-savvy, Karachi is the harbinger of hope. For those who seek it, there are hidden behind a thin veil stories of millions of such people who made it big. All one needs is to dig a little deeper, work a little harder and show a little faith.

And that is the very problem. When it comes to the real issues, read: civic issues, reporters are generally lazy because they are boring, technical and awfully tedious to comprehend, said Mahim Maher, who spoke from the perspective of an editor who branched out into long form on urban aspects of Karachi. Maher, former city editor at The Express Tribune, was addressing a young audience at Habib University as part of a panel discussion on ‘Reporting Karachi’.

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