New Degree Management System for Habib University Students

Habib University has adopted Stellic’s all-in-one degree management platform. Stellic, an integrated planning and advising platform that empowers students to seamlessly plan their semesters with the best-suited courses, will help Habib University students to visualize and design their own degree plan and ensure they complete their degree and graduate on time.

The integrated platform will help improve student experiences and efficiencies between them and their advisors, the Office of Academic Performance and the Registrar Office. The move is part of the University’s commitment to student-centricity and to encouraging students to participate in shaping their undergraduate journey.

Yasmeen Bano, Director, Student Success at the Office of Academic Performance, had this to say, “Stellic will allow HU students to build their degree plan, integrate activities outside the classroom with their learning plans, track progress and visualize the impact of their academic decisions for their graduation on an interface that resonates with their everyday life. It will promote great connectivity among advisers, students, faculty, and management to ensure student success.”

Faizan Hashmi, Senior Manager at the Registrar Office, added, “The platform also has a robust analytics module that allows the University’s senior management to effectively drill down into data related to student demographics, course demand, resource mobilization, and faculty requirements.”

Stellic’s degree planner will provide students the freedom to explore which major and minor they wish to opt for, plan and test different routes and determine what they need to fulfill requirements for various programs.

The comprehensive system also includes an audit for tracking progress. This will initiate an automated process of tracking, monitoring and reporting student progress to ensure students are best supported from the start of their academic journey through to completion. The University aims to improve student advisor collaboration by removing request and approval processes through email and in-person meetings.

Stellic further streamlines the process by providing a messaging channel for students to connect with advisors about their plans, allowing both parties to collaborate on the designed pathway simultaneously. With access to these tools, advisors can deepen their relationship with students and have meaningful conversations on their academic future, interests and goals. The company ensures students and campus leaders get the most out of their academic journey.

The management system is slated to be launched in November this year.


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