‘Metropolis’: exhibiting the sights and sounds of Karachi

KARACHI: The ever sprawling and vibrant Karachi has been interpreted in complex and unusual fashion at the Habib University artists-in-residence show titled ‘Metropolis’ that is open till Saturday evening (today).

The exhibition is the outcome of an art project that brought together artists from Lahore, Islamabad and the United Kingdom who stayed for four weeks here in Karachi with their studios on the HU campus and focused on sights and sounds of the sprawling metropolis in their artwork.

The four visiting artists namely Mina Arham from Lahore, Abeerah Zahid from Islamabad and Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver from Britain used different techniques and mediums to express how they view Karachi’s expansion.

The project is the collaborative effort of HU, Lahore Biennale Foundation and the British Council.

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