Invitation to Open Studio Today: Communication Design 1

Encounters with the City

This body of work has been prudently compiled by the sophomore students of Communication Design 1, as part of their five-week documentary photography class. The students encountered small fragments of the city of lights, and tried to fathom the meanings ascribed to each. They produced, reproduced and modified the chaotic life of Karachi into a set of still images brimming with the same energy as the city itself. The exhibit features a diverse representation of the city, as seen by the students’ eye, each image reflecting a unique aesthetic value to the urban landscape of the city of Karachi.

“Walking along a street in the city, we encounter countless signs, sounds, smells, materialities, people, and movements. Encountering places in everyday life, one engages the place with all senses, interacting with others, with the materiality, and with the atmosphere of the place. By moving these encounters with urban places into the focus of attention, we are coming to terms with the materiality and aesthetics of the place, the body, the perception, and the representations of the place.”

Lars Frers

Instructor: Naila Mahmood, Adjunct Faculty

The Open Studio commences today, October 30 between 4:00-8:00 PM on the Ground floor of the Library.

The exhibit will continue for a week during library hours till Friday, November 6, 2015.


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