Habib University Responds to International Visa Restrictions

A plan ensuring academic future of students enrolled in international universities

Karachi, July 15, 2020: Habib University continues to be at the forefront of responding to the challenges arising due to the Covid-19 pandemic with the highest priority given to students’ academic well-being. In early July, students and universities were dealt a severe blow with the news that the United States government had imposed visa restrictions on foreign students who were at universities where classes were going to be held online in the upcoming Fall session.

Speaking about the implications of this decision, Wasif Rizvi, President Habib University, said, “We are worried about them. Obviously, these are very talented students of Pakistan, who had been admitted into good universities and now they have this hurdle.”

Habib University’s response was immediate, offering a plan that allows students the opportunity to attain a world-class education in Pakistan. The plan provides a simple three-step process to join Habib University based on the provision of demonstrable evidence of admittance to a recognized university:

1. Apply to a program
2. Attend an interview
3. Enroll at Habib University either as a full time student, or for a semester/year, or have their credits transferred

Many universities, including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) took the US government to court challenging the new visa restrictions, while numerous universities from across the United States lent their support to this legal action. As a result of the pressure exerted by these universities, the US government rescinded the order on July 14.

While Habib University welcomes the decision, it will continue to support students as they confront challenges posed by financial concerns, technological issues, or travel and visa restrictions in these uncertain times.


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