Innovative Startups in Pakistan – Habib Alumni Entrepreneurial Ventures

Habib University graduates are well-equipped to become change-makers in the professional sphere. Aligned with the ideology of reparative actions, our alumni have launched innovative startups in Pakistan, positively impacting communities both locally and globally.

Moreover, our young entrepreneurs in Pakistan are actively supporting social causes and leaving a mark on industries such as investment and e-commerce. They successfully embody Habib University’s commitment to positive and innovative change.

Top Student Startups in Pakistan

Here is a round-up of some of the best businesses in Pakistan led by our alumni at Habib, renowned as the best university in Pakistan.

1.   YPay

Founder: Sarfaraz Hussain, CEO (Habib University, CS 2020)

Co-founder: Furqan Karim, COO (Habib University, CS 2020)







YPay is an automated platform that makes investments easy and convenient for a wide range of investors. This student startup simplifies investments with a focus on working capital management which allows investors to watch their portfolios flourish in alignment with their risk profiles.

While still in its pilot phase, YPay secured an initial investment of $2 million for a successful launch. This level of trust reflects YPay’s reputation as one of the most innovative businesses in Pakistan.

The company also offers learning blogs and “Mashwara Sessions” to encourage active engagement from its audience. In these ways, the team at YPay is playing their part in beneficial changes in Pakistan’s financial literacy education.


2.   ConnectHear

Co-founder: Arhum Ishtiaq, CTO (CS  2022)










ConnectHear offers sign-language interpretation services, both in person and virtually. It’s Pakistan’s first and biggest tech startup dedicated to serving the deaf community.

This student-run business has taught more than 500 people Pakistani sign language thus far. The team is relentlessly working towards making deaf individuals more independent.

Furthermore, ConnectHear is the first company in the country to be verified by the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF). To further their mission, the organization partners with hearing individuals and other organizations involved with the social advocacy of marginalized communities.

3.   Anomoz Softwares

Founder: Ahsan Ahmed (Habib University, CS 2020)










Anomoz Softwares, drawing inspiration from university’s ethos of excellence, creates custom software solutions to help businesses make a real impact worldwide. By simplifying operations through advanced CRM & ERP solutions and handling data efficiently, Anomoz keeps businesses ahead in innovation.

Moreover, their personalized dashboard designs ensure that businesses maintain a competitive edge. With extensive industry experience, Anmoz has built an extensive services portfolio, leaving a lasting impression on 200+ clients through various digital initiatives.

4.   Serve & Care Foundation

Founder: Roomi Merchant (Habib University, EE 2019)










The Serve & Care Foundation, founded by Habib’s young entrepreneur in Pakistan, is on a mission to end mental poverty and illiteracy in Pakistan. It offers high quality education to underprivileged children in the country.

But they go beyond textbooks. Serve & Care focuses on physical and emotional wellbeing of these children through interactive sessions like art therapy and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) sessions.

The team behind this NGO pour their hearts into providing financial help and door-to-door scouting to the out-of-school youth. Their efforts reflect the core values of Habib University — social consciousness and educational equity.

5.   Flairox

Founder: Taimoor Neeshat, CEO (Habib University, CS 2019)










Founded by Habib alumni, Flairox is an e-commerce growth partner driven by creativity and true entrepreneurial spirit. The business develops customized e-commerce solutions to increase brand awareness on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Favored by Amazon sellers looking to grow, the company is known for its excellent customer service and results. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur in Pakistan or aiming for growth,  Flairox can bring your ecommerce ideas to life.


By encouraging the spirit of collaboration, Habib University inspires future generations to launch innovative student startups in Pakistan. Each year, our alumni introduce various initiatives, from software solutions to projects promoting well-being, shaping the future of student entrepreneurs in Pakistan.


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