No student to be allowed to drop out due to financial difficulties: Habib University

Habib University will continue to support its community of students, faculty and staff during these extraordinary times. This was clearly stated by the President, Habib University, Wasif A. Rizvi in a message to the entire Habib community, which followed the pre-scheduled June planning session at the University.

He laid out 6 principle points which Habib University will follow as it confronts the Covid-19 challenge:

1. No student will be allowed to drop out due to financial difficulties; students will be given multiple options of support ranging from additional financial aid to deferred fees.

2. Habib University will not increase student fee (tuition or otherwise).

3. We will provide technology help (computers, Internet etc.) to students who have a demonstrable need.

4. Habib University will not reduce full time faculty or staff numbers and will honour all job offers made to new faculty members for the Fall semester.

5. There will be NO reduction in any salaries.

6. The University will invest strongly in acquiring appropriate and effective online platforms and technology to optimize the innovative potential of technology based learning possibilities.

Habib University has faced myriad challenges such as technology upgrades, logistics, health and safety and financial stability in adjusting to Covid-19 induced reality. In addressing these challenges, foremost has been to ensure that students at Habib University, many of whom have been affected by a lessening of means in their households are able to continue with their education. This has been compounded by the fact that philanthropic support to the University has been adversely affected due to reduced resources for supporters as well changed priorities.

President Rizvi noted that such uncertainty was beyond any model of forecasting or projections, going on to say, “Habib University’s institutional fabric is strong enough to withstand such unpredictability.”

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