HU Student grabs First Prize at Mr Karachi East 2016

Habib University students have built a community that is consciously aware of the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and promote it within the boundaries of the campus as well as to their own communities.

One such student that has made it their passion to exercise and remain fit is Taha Ahmad, Class of 2018. Using the free time between his classes, he has been building a rapport as a fit, dedicated body-builder. He recently registered for Mr Karachi East 2016 competition, and won the 1st prize as well as the title of Mr. Karachi East 2016 Senior Class.

Inspired by the hard work put in by the Habib University gym instructor, Muhammad Qasim, who himself won the Mr. Karachi 2015 competition, Taha has been working hard and achieving targets he sets for himself. He also aims to be an inspiration for his peers, a lot of whom are aspiring athletes and fitness freaks, through his determination to go up the ladder and register for more and more competitions of the like.

His plan is to represent Pakistan in the future in the same capacity, and is working hard to achieve this inspiring goal. “I worked hard to achieve a certain weight through healthy eating, and that led me to be very interested in the dynamics of body mass and molding ones physique. This was the reason I took up this sport”.

Speaking of his experience at the Mr. Karachi East 2016 competition, he said,” I have always wanted to experience what it feels like to be on stage, show posing my physique in front of senior Athletes and the audience. I now look forward to the next fitness competition here in Pakistan and/or abroad. Wish me luck.”

Good Luck, Taha!


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