Habib University Foresight Protects Student Futures

The ongoing Covid pandemic has resulted in the disruption of all facets of life. Students all around the world have suffered from the uncertainty regarding their future caused by the closure of all educational institutions. Decisions such as graduating students from high school without completion of coursework based on predicted grades only added to the confusion and anxiety.

As a student-centric institution, Habib University took anticipatory measures to ease the stress of the application process and provide students support as they considered admissions in the Class of 2024. The University exhibited considerable foresight when it announced that students seeking admission in our first round would be offered admission with a passing grade in the May-June papers. We went a step further for those students interested in taking admission during our second round, deciding to accept O level grades and AS Level grades (if available) to fulfill admission criteria.

Commenting on the grading scenario and the pressures felt by the students, Yasmeen Bano, Director Student Success said, “We trust the students and we are also confident in the strength of the intellectual experience that we have to offer. That is why we concentrated our efforts in making the admission process as simple as possible.”
These steps highlight the University’s empathetic approach towards the plight of the students. From adapting to online teaching to providing financial concessions to our students to adjusting our admission criteria our priority has been ensuring that students do not suffer academically.

We remain hopeful of a complete resumption of on-campus activities and will continue to provide due support to students as they pursue their academic goals.


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