HU Freshmen ‘Take a Stand’ for Future Generations on Sustainable Energy

The quest for safe, secure, and sustainable energy poses one of the most critical challenges of our age. The need for new resources is becoming inevitable, as unlike us, our future generations will not have the benefit of two billion years’ accumulated energy reserves. The current energy sources, primarily based on fossil fuels, do not only inherit the problem of being finite but have also caused unprecedented damage to the environment.

Habib University aims to provide students with the tools needed to think intelligently about sustainability. As part of the obligatory Habib Liberal Core, the students undertake an Energy course, during which they learn about several possible alternate energy sources including the scientific principles that govern their creation and application.

This semester, as part of the Communications Module for the course, HU Freshmen created a series of videos titled ‘Take a Stand’, in order to communicate about the energy crisis and how we can work towards sustainability.

Following are some of the best endeavors from the series that help raise awareness about the crisis and possible solutions for a better future:


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