Has the romance between Pakistan and jihad come to an end?


Have the country’s ruling elite finally gotten their heads around to contain the rot known as the Taliban who stemmed out of the country’s dreaded foreign policy during the Soviet-Afghan war; or do they need to put in more whole-hearted efforts than the 20-point agenda devised in the aftermath of the APS Peshawar attack?

The fog was lifted on these questions to some extent by Ahmed Rashid, a renowned journalist and author of several books on the Af-Pak jihad and the accompanying US and Nato policies in the region, during the first lecture of the Habib University Dean’s Lecture Series on Friday titled, “Apparatus of Jihad: The State of Play”.

Rashid said Pakistan was the most friendless state in the region.

“The country let itself become a safe haven for refugees and insurgents where all kinds of militants received training, be it the Punjabi Taliban, the Uzbeks, militants of Turkish origin, Chechens as well as the Uighurs of China,” he explained.

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