Habib University’s Student Making Great Strides Even Before Graduation

This past year, Habib’s alumni continued their journey of success and made a mark beyond the University by landing dream jobs at leading organizations, securing positions at some of the world’s top graduate schools, or launching their start-ups. At the same time, 2021 was also the year during which many Habib students made an impact through their critical thinking and problem-solving skills even before completing their four-year intellectual journey at the University. One such example is Farah Naz Khan, a Computer Science major from the Class of 2022 who was named among the top interns from the Fresh Start Internship Program 2021 at Dawlance.

Shedding light on her Dawlance experience, Farah shared that her project was about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in which software robots are created in order to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. The problem that Farah chose to solve was updating the daily KPI records of the call center employees through RPA. “This task used o take up 4-5 hours a day because the data had to be fetched from three different sources such as Avaya, CRM, and salesforce but through this automation, it can be done within 20 minutes,” Farah underlined.

Along with being named among the top five interns out of a batch of twenty-six students who were selected from a pool of more than eight thousand applicants, Farah has also been awarded a “Golden Key” which will enable her to join Dawlance for a well-suited position without having to go through any recruitment process at any point in the future.

Currently working under the supervision of Habib University playground (an innovative space for learning and practice) and Dr. Waqar Saleem, Associate Professor at Habib University, as a design researcher, Farah Naz Khan continues to create an impact at an early stage of her career. Her success story is a testament to how Habib University is shaping futures by nurturing professionals who master solution-oriented approach and are equipped with the right set of soft and hard skills to develop those solutions. It goes on to show the significance of a holistic higher learning experience and an all-encompassing student support system offered at Habib that aims to develop empathetic, engaged, and highly skilled individuals. We wish Farah all the best in her future endeavors!


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