Habib University’s Endeavors for Women Empowerment – Auto Mechanics Workshop in Collaboration with IMC

In an era where gender equality is not just a concept but a necessity, Habib University, through its Office of Human Resources in collaboration with Indus Motor Company, has taken a pioneering step towards empowering women. The recent “Driving Change – Auto Mechanics Workshop” has set a remarkable precedent in this regard. This workshop, an integral part of the EmpowerHER Program, was designed exclusively for the extraordinary women who drive themselves, and it gathered active participation from the university’s faculty, students, and staff, as well as esteemed guests from Engro Corporation.

Habib University is an institution that takes its commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) seriously. The ‘Driving Change’ Auto Mechanics workshop exemplifies this commitment by arming women with essential car maintenance skills and strengthening their confidence in handling automotive issues. The comprehensive workshop left no stone unturned. It covered everything from the fundamentals of car mechanics to safety precautions and the essential tools for dealing with automotive emergencies. However, the highlight of the event was undoubtedly the hands-on experience with tyre-changing. Participants not only learned the ins and outs of tire maintenance but also gained the confidence to change a tire independently, should the need ever arise. This practical knowledge not only empowers women but also ensures their safety on the road.

The EmpowerHER Program and the “Driving Change – Automechanics Skill Workshop” are symbolic of Habib University’s determination to empower people. By equipping women with these valuable skills, they can now overcome the intimidation often associated with vehicle maintenance. This not only saves them from unnecessary expenditure at repair shops but also grants them more control over their daily lives.

The participation of women in such workshops is a testament to their resilience and a significant step towards bridging the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated sectors. It’s not just about gaining skills but about gaining confidence, independence, and a sense of accomplishment.

Habib University is proud of all the participants who embarked on this empowering journey towards gender inclusivity and skill development. This initiative paves the way for safer journeys for women, not only on the road but in every aspect of their lives.

With more workshops lined up as part of the EmpowerHER program, Habib University remains committed to building a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion reign supreme. In this vision, empowerment is not a dream but a tangible reality for everyone, regardless of their gender.


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