Habib University Welcomes its Class of 2020; Student Body strengthens to 500

Habib University welcomed its class of 2020 – termed as HU Trailblazers – on 15th August, 2016. The event took place in the University’s auditorium which was packed to its full capacity as around 235 students along with their parents attended the ‘New Student Orientation 2016 (NSO2016)’. With the induction of this third batch, the HU Student Body has strengthened to around 500.

President Habib University, Mr. Wasif Rizvi, during his welcoming speech emphasized the importance of an institution like HU which has crafted its curriculum keeping in view the requirements of the future. It should be noted that Habib University created history by becoming the first Pakistani university to send eight bright HU students to study at Stanford University for their Summer International Honors Program (SSIHP). This is remarkable for any university in the world, let alone Pakistan, which only came into existence around two years ago.

Speaking on the topic of global academic collaborations, the president emphasized that Habib University has partnered with some of the best universities in the world like Stanford UniversityUniversity of Michigan, and Pitzer College to name a few thereby making HU one of the only few institutes in Pakistan which can be considered an international center for learning.

The core message of Mr. Rizvi’s speech revolved around the philosophy of Habib University i.e. YOHSIN. It is a common tradition that every new student, faculty, and staff member is briefed about HU’s YOHSIN philosophy which forms the spine of the University’s entire educational philosophy.

Debunking the common myth of Habib University being an ‘elite’ institution, the president revealed that around 94% of the HU Student Body receives some kind of financial assistance in the form of loans and scholarships which are generously provided to students who exhibit a strong ‘desire’ to excel academically and to serve the community without any discrimination of gender, ethnicity or religion. This diversity of HU’s student body is also reflected in HU Faculty which comprises of notable academics, and scholars from the United States, Australia, Germany, and Pakistan. HU Faculty strength has now increased to 58, bringing the Student-Faculty Ratio to 8:1.

Mr. Rizvi concluded his thought provoking speech by creating a sense of responsibility and realization among the students who no doubt were excited to be a part of Pakistan’s finest liberal arts institution.


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