Habib University to Remain Closed During COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Courses to be Moved Online

In the face of an extraordinary Coronavirus health challenge, Habib University will now move it’s courses to online platforms from March 16th as the university campus will remain closed for students from March 16th till March 23rd.

Based on the gradually rising number of infected citizens in Karachi, HU believes it’s highly advisable to continue to keep educational institutions closed and prevent large public gatherings. Covid-19 has shown a repeat pattern everywhere, of few weeks of gradual infections and then rapidly transitioning into an exponentially growing threat. If protective measures are withdrawn prematurely there can be widespread infections in a heavily populated metropolis like Karachi.

In light of this daunting test, Habib has shown leadership by following the example of leading universities around the world in demonstrating quick action and protocols to safeguard our communities and in the process giving clear guidance to public policy makers. HU’s partners at Stanford, Claremont and UC Berkley have either closed down completely or have placed strict restrictions on various activities.

The University will reassess the situation during the coming week to decide the future course of action. We like all citizens of the world would continue to wish and pray for a quick slowdown of this pandemic.


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