Habib University Faculty Making its Mark Across the Globe

From Time World Conference to Prestigious Academic Institutions in Paris

Habib University has been at the forefront of providing its faculty access to opportunities to strengthen their pedagogical and research skills globally. As a result, the faculty is able to build well-connected global networks that bring forth prospects to showcase their significant contributions and expand collaborations for the University.

Dr. Anzar Khaliq, Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Research at Habib University, was recently invited through his global research network, to the Time World Conference as a guest speaker at Sorbonne Université, Paris, from 29th June to 1st July 2022.

The Conference took place at Campus Jussieu, at the science building of Sorbonne Universtié, featuring notable scholars in Natural and Social Sciences and top artists in the region. There were 99 talks and 4 round tables scheduled over the 3 days of the Conference.

Dr. Anzar Khaliq’s name featured on the Time World Conference speaker’s list

The Conference theme, “Construction”, was subdivided into the following categories: The Construction of the Living, Perceived Construction, Construction in Art, and Measured Construction where Dr. Khaliq spoke on the topic, “Can We Construct Life Experiences Without Living Them?”

Dr. Anzar Khaliq addressing a session at the Time World Conference

Dr. Khaliq said, “At Habib, we focus on using a multidisciplinary lens to look at various problems.  We are very conscious of creating experiences through the lens of the user. The talk focused on why this approach is crucial in building a sustainable and inclusive world.”

As a founding Director of the playground (Centre of Transdisciplinarity, Design & Innovation) at Habib University, Dr. Khaliq’s topic depicted his transdisciplinary work and the value of human-centered design in addressing some of the most important challenges of our time. The talk also featured Habib University’s special focus on implementing a human-centric approach to learning. This approach challenges the limitations imposed on pedagogical experiences both through spaces, and disciplinary boundaries, and reimagines teaching by adopting cutting-edge practices that facilitate students to understand problems through a holistic lens, helping them create solutions that are impactful, lasting and planet centered.

Dr. Khaliq was also invited to the Paris Institute of Political Studies, which is considered one of the most prestigious semi-private universities in France and shares many commonalities with Habib University in terms of its mission and goals. During the visit, several collaborations were discussed with Dr. Etienne Cazin, Director of the Centre for Studies of Asia – Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. It is expected that these discussions would lead to faculty and students exchange across both institutions.

Dr. Anzar Khaliq with Dr. Etienne Cazin Director of the Centre for Studies of Asia – Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East at Sciences Po, Campus Paris

The Iconic Amphitheater of Sciences Po

At Campus France, Paris, Dr. Khaliq was hosted to showcase the work of international students who chose France for their higher studies and he was interviewed by a local team regarding his professional experiences, especially in the field of higher education.

Dr. Anzar Khaliq at Campus France Recording Studios

Expressing his appreciation for the generous opportunities provided by Habib University, Dr. Khaliq said, “Habib provides avenues for its faculty to research and build an international network that opens doors to such invitations. These opportunities are really helpful for our faculty to expand their professional knowledge and network.” He further shared that during the visit to Paris, some key connections were made. It is likely that some of the conversations will end up in institutional partnerships that will greatly benefit our students and faculty.


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