Habib Students Visit Rapid Compute to Network & Learn About Cloud Computing

KARACHI, November 6, 2015: Habib University’s computer science society Brain.Hack() organized a field trip to Rapid Compute, a local company offering cloud services to businesses, on Friday, November 6. About 15 science & engineering students from the sophomore year participated in the trip. After interacting with Habib students, Rapid Compute made an open internship offer to the best students to join them for a hands-on learning experience after they were done with their 6th semester.

Brain.Hack() aims to promote activities related to computer science in order to highlight and celebrate its bond with human life. It serves the Habib community by equipping them with valuable skills and inspires them by showcasing the far-reaching applications of computer science through field trips, competitions and tech talks.

Images from the session


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