G&T Group Dedicates Scholarship for High-Merit Students

G&T Group and Habib University joined hands to help brilliant and hardworking students obtain a world-class education in a MoU signing ceremony on July 16, 2021. Greatly inspired by Habib University’s unflinching belief in providing education to students from diverse backgrounds, the Diwan and Bilwani families, who operate G&T group of companies, dedicated a scholarship for students who demonstrate high academic performance. The landmark ceremony strengthened Habib University’s community of supporters, and provided another example of how community ownership is transforming higher education in Pakistan.

G&T Group poses with the leadership of Habib University in front of the esteemed Wall of Mohsineen.

President Wasif Rizvi acknowledged the Diwan and Bilwani families’ unwavering support to Habib University, defining G&T group’s partnership with Habib as an invaluable part of Habib’s role as a community-owned institution

President Wasif Rizvi speaks about the importance of community-building in sustaining Habib University.

“The biggest crisis in Pakistan is the crisis of leadership, and it’s because higher education has failed [to include majority of students],” President Wasif Rizvi said. “I can’t think of a better group, a more conscientious group, a more socially engaged group like the Diwan and Bilwani families. You have stepped up and create this endowed scholarship. In a significant way, you have made history.”

Shabbir Diwan, the CEO of Gatron Industries, attends the ceremony in dedication of a scholarship for meritorious students.

Abdul Razak Diwan, the Director of Finance of Gatron Industries and senior member of the family, praised Habib University for providing an intellectual experience to young people, and reiterated his conviction in the philanthropy of the House of Habib.

Abdul Razak Diwan signs the MoU.

“Charity has three shapes. One is money, second is time, and the third is knowledge. What you’re doing here is a kind of charity, you’re passing on knowledge to people who want to learn,” he said.

The Diwan and Bilwani families cut the ribbon, inaugurating the G&T Group Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The G&T Group is a group of family-owned companies that has been operating for 70 years, and includes enterprises like Novatex Limited and Gatron Industries. The Diwan and Bilwani families are also respected philanthropists who donate to important welfare causes, and have generously supported Habib University since the early days of the University’s founding in 2014.


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