HUSG Gavel Ceremony: New Student Government Takes Over Leadership

As part of Habib University’s encouragement of responsibility amongst students, February 6 saw the transfer of leadership from one student body to another during the annual HU Student Government (HUSG) Gavel Ceremony.

The ceremony, held at the H.M Habib Auditorium, saw the symbolic Gavel transfer from HUSG 2019 to HUSG 2020, who will now continue to provide leadership and equal representation for students from all batches.

The new student government came about after a democratic electoral process in which more than 500 students participated.

Students, staff and faculty members attended the event, in appreciation for the important role the government plays in connecting the student body with the wider community.

Masters of ceremony, Umema Zehra and Adil Majeed, from the Class of 2023, welcomed all those in attendance and gave a short overview of the day’s proceedings.

Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, was the first speaker at the ceremony where he congratulated the outgoing government for their dedication in carrying out their responsibilities.

He gave words of encouragement for the newly elected Student Government and expressed full confidence that they will step up to the task ahead.

“Taking on responsibility like this is an important aspect of leadership…through this responsibility you will learn to respect each other and to work together,” he said.

Dr. Taylor emphasized that the University administration gives importance to the feedback from the student government, which they take “very seriously.”

He explained that the role the incoming government is one of trying to work with limited resources to maximize benefits for everyone.

Echoing this sentiment, HUSG President 2019, Amna Qureshi spoke about the work her government did as representatives of the student body. Despite the hurdles to be overcome, Amna said that she was very proud of the work that the Student Government of 2019 had done.

She expressed her sincere hope that the platform, which her government worked on, would continue to be built upon by the new leadership.

“All those involved in organization need to step in where required. Taking charge of a situation exhibits leadership and remember that work and life are about pushing for what you believe in,” she said.

Shamez Mukhi, Director Student Life, then came onstage and congratulated the Student Government of 2020, while also thanking their predecessors. He then presided over the oath taking ceremony for the new government.

Amna Qureshi then symbolically handed over the gavel to her successor Anzal Abbas Jaffri, from the Class of 2021.

In his remarks, Anzal thanked the community members for their support and set out the new government’s goals, one of which will be to continue to provide dedicated leadership and to give something back to the community.


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