Habib University Faculty Appointed to Leadership Roles

In recognition of their outstanding abilities, as well as their dedication to Habib University and its values and mission, five of Habib University’s faculty members were appointed to leadership roles effective March 1, 2020.

Announcing the appointments, President Rizvi, lauded the faculty members saying that they had shown exemplary leadership in various roles and assignments over the years. He also commended Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, for finalizing these appointments in continuation of the robust tradition of progress at Habib University despite huge disruption in higher education operations due to Covid-19. The appointments will provide enhanced support to the Office of Vice President Academic Affairs.

The faculty members appointed to leadership roles include:

Dr. Aamir Hasan, as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and Accreditation, will play a leading role in ensuring that the key academic decision-making and governance bodies are functioning well and in-line with best practice in order to enhance continually the quality of the undergraduate programs offered at Habib University.

Commenting on his new role, Dr. Hasan said, “Naturally, I will take time to learn, adapt, modulate and at times falter in this new assignment! I am positive that the collective wisdom from faculty, staff and students will make this journey less daunting and definitely more rewarding than my previous adventures!”

Dr. Anzar Khaliq has been appointed as Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Research. In his new role, Dr. Khaliq will ensure that the Office of Teaching, Learning and Research provides a comprehensive support for Faculty development and creates avenues for research and innovation. This will be done through three critical components of the university ecosystem including the Centre for Pedagogical Excellence, Centre for Transdisciplinarity, Design and Research and Centre for Research.

“I have always been passionate about teaching and research. This new role will help me learn, innovate and implement new and more relevant ways of knowledge creation and dissemination, said Dr. Anzar Khaliq expressing his vision as Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Research.”

Dr. Shahid Shaikh on being appointed as Associate Dean of Academic Systems (Registrar) said, “I express my deep gratitude to the senior management of the University, especially President Rizvi and Dean Taylor, for reposing the trust in me and for offering me such a responsible position. I am honored, encouraged and humbled by this gesture.” In his new capacity, Dr. Shaikh will provide oversight to the maintenance of all the academic records and ensure their integrity, accuracy, and security, while prioritizing prompt and high-quality service to students.

Dr. Massimo Ramaioli, was appointed the new Assistant Dean of the School of Arts, Humanities (AHSS) and Social Sciences and expressed his gratitude saying, “It is indeed humbling to be appointed Assistant Dean for the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. I will do my best to be up to this important task, fully aware of the challenges as well as the opportunities ahead for our University.”

Dr. Ramaioli will work towards ensuring that AHSS offers students a unique experience and be a rewarding working environment for its Faculty moving forward. In particular, he will focus on three main fronts. First, to create an exciting, vibrant and stimulating intellectual environment, which will confer AHSS a distinct and recognizable profile. Second and consequently, to make AHSS a leading school for excellence in innovative teaching and pedagogy. Third, to nurture and assist AHSS graduates to become aware, mature and responsible individuals, in Pakistan and beyond.

As the newly appointed Assistant Dean of the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE), Dr. Waqar Saleem shared his vision of ensuring the delivery of quality education. He stressed the importance of DSSE graduates assuming the role of critical thinkers and problem solvers in the country with an ability to design solutions that blend technical excellence with ethical decision-making and a human centered approach.

Dr. Waqar Saleem while sharing his vision said, “I look forward to building upon the good work of my predecessor, Dr. Anzar Khaliq, and advancing the school along the University’s strategic goals. Of key importance to me are inclusion, especially of female students; excellent pedagogy; cultivating meaningful relations with industry; and building strong communities within the school, the university, and beyond.”

President Wasif Rizvi expressed his gratitude to the service and dedication of the esteemed faculty members and wished them success in their new roles.


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