Eventos declares ‘Thumb War’ for HU students

A Thumb War Tournament was organized by Habib University’s Student Programming Board, ‘Eventos’, on the 25th of February 2016, near the Amphitheatre on campus. This was the first event of Spring 2016 initiated by the one-on-one subcommittee.

Limited to student participation only, the event took place during lunch hour. There was an excellent turnout with over a hundred people out of which a great number were competitors while the rest spectators.


The matches had a number of rules that had to be followed including no long finger nails allowed, and elbows being on the table at all times. Keeping up with the traditions, to begin a match, “One, Two, Three, Four, I declare thumb war,” had to be chanted.

The tournament comprised of consecutive matches played by individuals who had to win to progress forward and the contestant with the greatest number of victories won the ‘War’.


The champion of the Thumb War was Ali Rizvi ’18 with a grand total of 11 consecutive wins!


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