Creating Spaces, Shaping Futures: Arif Habib Classroom inaugurated

HABIB UNIVERSITY, December 7, 2015: Mr. Arif Habib joined a group of pioneering contributors who are helping make Habib University a world-class institution, as the cutting-edge interactive learning space called the ‘Arif Habib Classroom’ was inaugurated on Sunday, December 6.

The Arif Habib Classroom is a shining example of Mr. Arif Habib’s generous contribution to Habib University and his participation in a noble nation-building exercise. His gift will remind generations of scholars at Habib University to take inspiration from his successes as an entrepreneur and aspire to his vision as a leader of civil society.

Located in the middle of the campus just off the Central Street on the ground floor, the Arif Habib Classroom is interlinked to a contiguous and robust community space. Spread over 1000 square feet with a capacity of 50 students, it is equipped with the latest audio-visual systems and projectors to facilitate learning with the help of modern technology.

The evening began with Wasif Rizvi, President Habib University, briefing the ceremony regarding Mr. Arif Habib’s exceptional contribution towards higher education, saying “We proudly bring every visitor on campus to this particular classroom.” Detailing the outstanding features of the environment, he later thanked Mr. Arif Habib for his leadership, contribution, and addition of richness to the name of the donors who started Habib University.

Chancellor of Habib University, Mr. Rafiq M. Habib then shared a few words saying, “You already have achieved success, but, with contributions like these, you move from success to significance,” adding that, “We look forward to continuous support…this is a lifetime project.”

Finally, Mr. Arif Habib was given a token of appreciation from Habib University, following which he addressed the ceremony saying that his ‘small’ contribution is actually a ‘drop in the ocean.’ Wishing the best of luck to everyone, he said he was pleased to see the same vigor with Mr. Wasif and everybody else in comparison to the last time he visited the university last year.


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