Strengthening Relations with Pakistani Diaspora

Mr. Fuad Cochinwala, one of the most active supporters of Habib University within the Pakistani community in Houston, Texas, visited Habib University campus with his family on February 12, 2021. The Pakistani diaspora in Houston has been a strong proponent of Habib’s mission to make world-class higher education accessible in Pakistan and further the cause of national development.

Mr. Cochinwala, Mrs. Aliya Cochinwala, and two daughters Ms. Samar Cochinwala and Ms. Shehzeen Cochinwala, were warmly welcomed by President Wasif Rizvi to the campus. During a detailed tour, President Rizvi briefed the Cochinwala family about the distinctive features of the state-of-the-art facilities available on campus and the role they play in creating a creative, student-centric and secure environment for Habib students to engage in collaborative learning activities.

Cochinwala family & President Rizvi at the multipurpose tennis courts which can due to their flexible nature can be used for a number of sports.

Mrs. Aliya Cochinwala, visiting the campus for the first time commented, “I had a really productive day today here at Habib. I had watched the Habib campus on videos before but it was a completely different experience physically visiting the University.”

President Wasif A. Rizvi gave a detailed tour of the Habib University Library the center of all intellectual activities, to the Cochinwala family.

Mr. Cochinwala’s daughters, who were also visiting the Habib campus for the first time, were pleasantly surprised to see the futuristic and innovative campus design and the recreational facilities Habib University offers to its students. Ms. Shehzeen Cochinwala remarked, “You can tell a lot of work and thought has been put into building this University. Everything from the Library to scholarship and financial aid that Habib University offers exceeded my expectations.”

Samar Rahman Cochinwala at the Habib University Library.

Sharing her views on Habib University’s liberal arts educational model, and its significance in helping students to have a comprehensive understanding of the world, Ms. Samar Cochinwala commented, “In past, Pakistani universities were solely grooming students to be successful in some foreign country. But now when universities like Habib are offering curriculum based on the liberal core right here in Pakistan, it will help students to stay in the country and lead their nation.”

Commenting on the importance of philanthropy in the higher education landscape of Pakistan and the role scholarships can play in changing the future of deserving students and ultimately the Pakistani nation, Ms. Samar said, “Financial support is the most important part of any university.  It is amazing to see Habib University has established such a great financial aid system here in Pakistan, which supports its student. I would highly recommend this university to students…”

Mr. Fuad Cochinwala along with his family were briefed by President Rizvi about how the purposefully built Amphitheater is at the center of many of the University’s student-led activities, creative expression and performances.

Mr. Fuad Cochinwala, a leading businessman of Pakistani origin, is the President and CEO of One Step Diagnostic, a Houston based Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). Inspired by the institution and the role it is playing in transforming the higher education landscape of Pakistan, he committed to continue his support by always being, “The flag bearer of the Habib University in the USA,” and by encouraging other members of the diaspora in Houston to commit to the cause of higher education in Pakistan.


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