Class of 2021 high achievers honored for academic excellence

On 12 June, 2021, Habib University conducted its fourth convocation, which was incidentally also its convocation which was held online as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. As is customary students with superlative performances were rewarded for their achievements.

Every year, Habib University awards three distinct medals to students based on their outstanding academic achievement and their overall development that embodies the ethos of the university.

The Chancellor’s Yohsin Medal is awarded to a graduating student with high academic achievement who has embodied the Yoshin creed through outstanding contribution to service, outreach and meta-curricular activities.

The President’s Medal is awarded to the graduating student with the overall highest academic achievement in both schools and across all programs.

The Dean’s Medal is awarded to four students, one each from each program, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering, and Communication Studies and Design and Social Development and Policy from the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS), for achieving the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in their respective programs.

This year, the Dean’s Medal for Communication and Design was awarded to Ms. Mariam Taufeeq for securing the highest CGPA in the program.

The Dean’s Medal for Computer Science was awarded to Mr. Rayyan Ul Haq. Haq is a gifted programmer with a deep interest in scientific computing, especially physical simulations or physics-based rendering in computer graphics which go hand in hand with his passion for video games. Throughout his journey at Habib, Haq demonstrated his keen programmatic abilities and academic excellence. Embracing the Yohsin values, he showed a commitment to serving those in need through his computational abilities.

From Electrical Engineering, the Dean’s Medal was awarded to Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Siddiqui. Even though he completed his degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics, Habib University introduced him to his true passion for programming and working with microcontrollers. A Yohsin Scholar, he demonstrated his academic excellence throughout his time at Habib. At Stanford for the International Summer Abroad Program, he proved to be an excellent ambassador not just for the university but also the country. His research paper was also accepted to IWDBA at UC Berkley.

The Dean’s Medal for Social Development and Policy was awarded to Ms. Sarah Khan. For her final year project, she wrote a research paper on the Sectarian Entrepreneurialism and the (Post-Civil War) State of Lebanon.

Siddiqui’s exploits were further rewarded with the President’s Medal, having secured the highest CGPA – 3.98 – from amongst the entire graduating class of 2021.

In announcing the Medal, Ms. Yasmeen Bano, Director of Student Success at Habib University, noted that Siddiqui’s accomplishments were a testament to his intellectual and academic excellence

“The recipient from the Class of 2021 belongs to a program considered to be one of the most difficult and challenging programs, not only at Habib University but globally,” she stated, before adding, “Graduating with nearly perfect GPA is the testimony of the recipient’s intellectual capability, rigor and learning passion.”

Of all the awards given out, the most coveted one for any Habib student is the Chancellor’s Yohsin Medal, the winner of which is decided not just purely on academic achievements but also for embodying the philosophy of Yoshin, by striving for constant self-cultivation in five key aspects: Beauty, Passion, Respect, Service and Excellence.

This year, the award was announced by Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Dean of Faculty.


“As Vice President for Academic Affairs, it is my great pleasure to announce this year’s recipient of the Chancellor’s Yohsin Medal,” Dr. Taylor said, announcing that the student who exemplifies Habib University’s Yohsin values is Sarah Khan, a Social Development and Policy major.


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