Challenging convention: Innovation Challenge team proposes baithaks in Karachi’s various community halls

KARACHI: Benish, 20, and her three-member team want to bring about a change in the way art is perceived by society. The young team believes that art has become restricted to a particular set of people, while the rest of the population is missing out on its beauty.

For this purpose, her team, 2 Square, wants to arrange a ‘baithak’ space in each area’s community hall, which, according to her, costs around Rs4,000. “In case there isn’t a community hall in the area, we’ll use public schools that we can get at a minimal cost,” she said.

The team plans to select ambassadors from diversified cultural hubs of Karachi. “An individual from Saddar, who knows about the rich culture of the area, will be selected. After a month of research, a community hall will hold a ‘baithak’ related to that area’s specialty,” she explained. “It can be music, literature, or anything related to art and culture, and in this way the people of Jauhar or Lyari can get accustomed to the people of Saddar and learn about the diversified culture of this city.”

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