Award Winning Filmaker Jamil Dehlavi’s Interview on

An excerpt below of Jamil Dehlavi’s recent interview on titled “Reconnecting His Roots”:

Famous London-based Pakistani independent filmmaker, Jamil Dehlavi, is back in Pakistan to give what he can to the country. He is “emotionally attached to Karachi” where he finds his roots; but there has been a cost that the filmmaker has had to pay for his love for Pakistan.

Dehlavi has joined the Habib University, due to start admissions in Karachi next fall, and will be teaching filmmaking at the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. His decision to return is a combination of his desire to return to the place where he has his childhood memories and the sense of contribution,” he said.

An Interview with Jamil Dehlavi from on Vimeo.


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