Protecting Futures – Creating a Legacy

Habib University and Atlas Foundation sign MOU to honor the legacy of Yusuf H. Shirazi, and protect the future of talented, deserving students.

On November 5, 2020, Habib University and Atlas Foundation met at the University campus, for the MOU signing ceremony of the Yusuf. H. Shirazi Endowed Scholarship Fund. Atlas Foundation has generously gifted the students of Habib University an endowment to strengthen access to higher education, and to commemorate Yusuf. H. Shirazi, the late Chairman of the Atlas Group.

Parvez Ghias, CEO of Habib University Foundation (L) and Iftikhar H. Shirazi, son of Yusuf H. Shirazi (R) sign an MoU for the Yusuf H. Shirazi Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Atlas Foundation was represented at the ceremony by Yusuf H. Shirazi’s sons, Iftikhar H. Shirazi and Ali H. Shirazi, the CEO of Atlas Foundation, Noor Ullah Hassan and Director at Atlas Foundation, Mr. Frhaim Ali Khan. The MOU was signed by Iftikhar H. Shirazi and Parvez Ghias, CEO, Habib University Foundation.

President, Habib University, Wasif A. Rizvi, presents a plaque to Iftikhar and Ali H. Shirazi, in recognition of the Yusuf H. Shirazi Endowed Scholarship Fund gifted to the students of Habib University.

Parvez Ghias began proceedings by welcoming the guests and providing an overview of the proceedings. He described the late Yusuf H. Shirazi as a highly successful entrepreneur, but also a very compassionate man and one who understood the value of education.

The leadership of Habib University and representative of Atlas Foundation gather prior to the signing of the MoU at the Habib University campus.

President Habib University, Wasif. A Rizvi, who recollected his encounters with late Yusuf H. Shirazi and described the mutual respect and understanding between the Habib and Shirazi families. President Wasif said he was honored to welcome Yusuf Shirazi’s sons to the campus.

President Wasif A. Rizvi of Habib University describes how Habib University and Atlas Foundation are collectively addressing the challenges to higher education.

He further explained how Habib University is addressing the three challenges to higher education – intellectual experience, access and sustainability – through its liberal art core and financial aid programs. The intellectual strength of the liberal arts curriculum at Habib creates engaged citizens of Pakistan, who have the leadership skills to help the country achieve its developmental goals and resolve problems. A robust student body has to be representative of society. The support of Mohsineen such as Atlas Foundation is crucial because it provides financial assistance for talented, but economically disadvantaged students and strengthens the diversity and representativeness of the student body.

Iftikhar H. Shirazi addressed the gathering and said that his father would have been ‘very proud’ of this partnership with Habib University, recounting the close bond between the Habib and Shirazi families.

Iftikhar H. Shirazi describes how his family is committed to facilitating access to higher education and protecting the future of the youth of Pakistan.

“We hope Habib University will grow. Thank you for this. Let’s work together. This is a dream that our fathers had.” he said.

Although Rafiq M. Habib, Chancellor of Habib University, could not be present, President Wasif, speaking on his behalf, conveyed his love and appreciation for the endowment.

The leadership of Habib University and representatives of Atlas Foundation at the MoU signing ceremony.

After President Wasif gifted a commemorative plaque to Iftikhar and Ali Shirazi, they were taken to see the name of the Yusuf. H. Shirazi on the Wall of Mohsineen at the entrance of Habib University. This interactive wall lists the names and details of all the donors and supporters of the University.

Mr. Iftikhar H. Shirazi and Mr. Ali H. Shirazi, sons of Mr. Yusuf H. Shirazi, pose for a picture in front of the Wall of Mohsineen.

The ceremony concluded with tea, during which the academic leadership of Habib University had a chance to mingle with the representatives of Atlas Foundation. This endowed scholarship will provide relief to students amidst the economic challenges brought about the pandemic and encourage future giving.


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