Open Source Day for Women

Code for Pakistan and Habib University hosted an Open Source Day for Women (OSDW) on 28th January 2017, where about 40 young women and guests participated in the day-long workshop, learning more about open source coding and about contributing to the larger civic innovation space.

The women came together, developed their tech skills, and learned about contributing to open source tech. Code for Pakistan is a non-profit organization focused on building a civic innovation ecosystem to increase citizen engagement and improve public service delivery, by supporting the development of open source mobile and web applications – and conducting civic hackathons.

This event was in accordance with the WiCSE ideology that, For any country’s prosperity, women play a very important role. Platforms like this are critical because they inspire young women to bring their ideas, expand their networks, encourage them, and connect with role models.

“It was very practical – and the workshop taught me some valuable skills to help me with open source contribution,” participant Areej Al Medinah, first year Electrical Engineering student at Habib University.


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