18 reasons why #IAmKarachi Innovation Challenge was Mother of all Hacks

Last weekend, Habib University hosted Karachi’s biggest hackathon, the IAmKarachi Innovation Challenge. The event was launched by the IAmKarachi consortium in collaboration with Pakistan Innovation Foundation, sponsored by the Karachi Youth Initiative with Nest I/O as its incubation partner. The hackathon aimed at fostering a culture of creating a society that welcomes innovators and problem solvers with open arms. The problem statements were divided into 5 categories: education, health, law and security, transport and environment, and arts, culture and sports.

The participating teams were mentored, trained and guided over a course of three days to refine their ideas. Out of more than 900 individuals, only 130 teams and 40 individuals were able to successfully make for the second round. After further shortlisting on the second day and third day, 5 winners from each category and 2 wild card entries were selected to present for the winning titles. The winners will be supported by various organizations in collaboration with IAmKarachi consortium to kickstart their innovations.

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