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Alums Spotlight

A carefully curated platform for alumni to showcase their works on a wide range of topics of interest. It serves as a dynamic space where alumni can express their creativity, share their experiences, and contribute to the community.

Alumni in the News

From exceptional research and entrepreneurial triumphs to prestigious awards, academic accomplishments, and impactful philanthropic endeavors, immerse yourself in the inspiring narratives of how our alumni are leaving an indelible mark on the world.

  • Ufaq Asad

    “Dou Kut Chai” Shines at International Film Festival

    Ufaq Asad Earns the Best Debut Director Award at the I Am Tomorrow International Film Festival

    Ufaq Asad, a CND alumna from the Class of 2023, recently won the Best Debut Director award for her documentary, “Dou Kut Chai,” at the I Am Tomorrow International Film Festival 2023 held in Brussels, Belgium.

    Her journey to success has been nothing short of inspiring for women in film. After completing her pre-medical studies, Ufaq followed her dream of being a filmmaker. As a woman navigating a male-dominated film industry, her perseverance is particularly noteworthy. Despite hurdles like equipment scarcity and the risk of harassment while filming in public spaces, Ufaq persisted, honing her craft and making a powerful documentary, “Dou Kut Chai.”

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  • Muhammad Hasham Qazi’

    Platform for Emergency Fire Handling Services

    Muhammad Hasham Qazi’s Paper Publication in IEEE’s Journal

    In a meaningful effort to improve training methods for firefighters, Muhammad Hasham Qazi, our EE alumnus from the Class of 2023, has successfully published his paper titled “Developing a VR-based Training Platform for Emergency Fire-Handling Services Using Unity 3D” in the IEEE journal

    Given the rising frequency of fire incidents, the need for well-prepared and properly trained firefighters has become increasingly crucial in minimizing casualties and property damage. Hasham noticed that traditional firefighter training methods had limitations, and believed that VR could offer a safer and more effective way to train them.

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  • Laiba Farid

    HERe – Connecting Women, Elevating Careers

    Laiba Farid and Her Team Launch HERe to Connect and Uplift Women Professionals

    In a landscape where opportunities for women professionals to connect and flourish remain scarce, Laiba Farid, our SDP alumna from the Class of 2023, under the mentorship of Saleena Beg, Lead Organizational Development at HBL, and in collaboration with her incredible team, have successfully launched ‘HERe’.

    With a clear vision in mind, HERe aims to empower women by fostering a supportive community where female professionals can uplift and empower one another regardless of the stage they are at in their careers. The platform provides a space for women in business to support each other’s ventures, offer mentorship, and network for professional development, thereby cultivating a strong and resourceful community.

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  • Novaira Khan

    Novaira Khan - A Rising Star in Civil Service

    Celebrating Novaira’s Graduation from the Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy

    Novaira Khan, our SDP alumna from the Class of 2020, recently graduated from the Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy. Her journey through the demanding landscape of civil service reflects her unwavering commitment to professional growth.

    During her tenure at the Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy, her Specialized Training Program (STP) was “one of the most rigorous among the twelve occupational groups, with days filled with extensive lectures, presentations, and surprise quizzes.” Despite this, Novaira and her colleagues devised a creative solution to break the monotony,

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Alumni Association

The Habib University Alumni Association (HUAA) will be the sole alumni association recognized by Habib University. The HUAA will be led by the Habib University Alumni Board (HUAB), which will consist of elected members and an elected Executive Council, to be known as the Habib University Alumni Association Executive Council (HUAAEC). Curious to know more about HUAA?

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Capturing Alumni Memories

Explore a curated collection of class photographs and videos that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of the HU Community during their undergraduate journey, and relive the unforgettable moments that have shaped our vibrant alumni community

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