About the Alumni Office

The Office of Alumni Relations & Engagement (OARE) is the primary point of contact and facilitation for all Habib University alumni. At OARE we want to get you reconnected with your alma mater and to help you along your journey. We are always interested in hearing from you, so please do reach out!


To serve as the central hub and unifying presence for all HU alumni related activities, engagements, and outreach for the development and maintenance of a robust, responsive, and deeply connected alumni community.


We aim to foster an engaged Alumni Community by creating efficient communication channels, offering diverse programs and services, creating opportunities for alumni to contributing in advancing HU mission, and providing alumni avenues for their continued personal and professional growth and development.

Department Goals

  • Building Community.

    Nurturing a cohesive and thoughtful community of Alumni by deepening their relationships with HU and with each other to ensure alumni remain interested and engaged with wider HU community.
  • Learning & Growing

    Facilitating alumni to grow as a community of thoughtful professionals & citizens through mutual sharing of experiences and learning using HU as a platform.
  • Improving Policies & Establishing Effective Communication

    Strengthening the institutional structure of Alumni Office for effective communication, alumni data management and policy framework. learning using HU as a platform.
  • Sharing & Serving

    Ensuring alumni active contribution for advancing HU vision, mission and strategic goals through a variety of ways.

Contact Us

  • Location

    OARE: N200 Faculty Pod,
    Habib University

  • Timings

    9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, 2nd Saturday of each month

Meet the Team