Muhammad Hasham Qazi

Platform for Emergency Fire Handling Services

Muhammad Hasham Qazi’s Paper Publication in IEEE’s Journal

In a meaningful effort to improve training methods for firefighters, Muhammad Hasham Qazi, our EE alumnus from the Class of 2023, has successfully published his paper titled “Developing a VR-based Training Platform for Emergency Fire-Handling Services Using Unity 3D” in the IEEE journal.

Given the rising frequency of fire incidents, the need for well-prepared and properly trained firefighters has become increasingly crucial in minimizing casualties and property damage. Hasham noticed that traditional firefighter training methods had limitations, and believed that VR could offer a safer and more effective way to train them. With this in mind, Hasham started working on a VR training platform to make firefighter training more realistic and effective, better-preparing firefighters for real-world emergencies.

This project introduced Hasham to the world of fire science, a domain that was entirely new to him. Additionally, venturing into VR development in Unity 3D required a steep learning curve. However, with determination and support from mentors like Dr. Farhan Khan, Dr. Jeeeun Kim, and Dr. Edgar J. Rojas-Muñoz, he learned how to use Unity 3D and improve his coding skills.

Muhammad Hasham’s time at Habib University and research experience at Texas A&M University broadened his understanding of VR technology and its potential. Courses on Object-Oriented Programming and Methodologies were crucial in honing his coding skills, while the broader curriculum equipped him with the necessary knowledge for hardware integration and independent research in VR.

Moving forward, Hasham aims to refine this VR Training Platform by conducting user studies in Pakistan, tailoring it to local needs, and enhancing firefighting capabilities in developing countries. He believes passion, self-motivation, and strong research skills are key to meaningfully contributing to the world.

Join us in celebrating Hasham’s achievement, and stay tuned for more updates!

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