creative collaboration requires the right kind of environment. that is what the playground offers.


The zones in the playground reflect interactivity, mobility and flexibility in its seating and working options and can be used for hosting workshops, pop-ups, classes and studio sessions. The three dedicated zones enable users to empathize, brainstorm, ideate, prototype and test ideas and can be made available upon booking. The fourth zone is the Social Zone, which includes a lounge and a making area that provides quick access to soft prototyping tools. Have you read the SOP for using the playground?


The playground is equipped with a huge variety of tools that facilitate ideation and prototyping activities, enabling users to carry out sketching, modeling, cutting, and joining. We also have sewing machines, hammers, a plotter and a 3D printer. A major goal of the playground is to remove barriers between various design and making facilities on campus. Click here to check out the full list of supplies.


Human and planet-centered design is at the heart of playground’s vision and mission. Our team and teaching community is trained in the design thinking methodologies and provides their expertise to all our users. From conception to execution, we help design your activity (workshop, pop-up, or challenge) according to the HCD methodology. We also provide our expertise to conduct design thinking workshops at your institutions, conferences and spaces.